Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dislike him in ur life :((

Perhaps I'm selfish but I still care for u from the bottom
Of my heart.. :( my heart still feel bad when u talk abt other to me:(
Sorry that I couldn't be your perfect girl but I promise I gave my best.

Somehow, my heart still tell u I do;) m I really do miss you:)

Stay strong babe.. Miss you lots!

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

I only can rant freely over here as I really v v v v vexed abt everything. Hope I can do well this sem:( *slaps.HUIQIN you SUCKS BIG TIME!

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We just had a real bad communication. I'm sorry Isabelle Tan! I really tot is sat ml wet to do entrap:( I didn't know u meant it at night. U can hate me, curse me n all. But I really didn't mean to ps u guys. I do miss the outings n all, but do know my timing. Competition are oning n I know this year I will go on a war fighting alone n not with u. Perhaps I'm selfish but I really do miss you, congrats on passing your TP! Really rely happy for u.. Like my URL: I fought but lost. Takecare..

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

I don't know if u will get to see this. I'm really sorry to Hurt u with my action. But I m here sincerely wishing you all the best for your TP test tml. I know u will u can pass your TP with flying color. Here wishing u all the best for your exam too:)

51days before I leave Singapore for a new life in Ireland. Hope u will be fine n well;) ps: Imu

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I'm sorry but I miss you.

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Sunday, January 02, 2011

happy new year to all the readers:)

hope you guys have fun counting down to a brand new year :D may ur year ahead be filled with funs and more funs:) down to planning n writing down my resolution for this year!! hahas!

this year resolutions:
1.) Family and friends to have good health all year round!
2.) Pray for world peace and no more diaster!
3.) Earn more money so as i can travel around every 6 months:D
4.) Take 2A bike license:)
5.) Hope to go for OSEP! *PRAYING!
6.) Able to score well in my TEP and my exams:)
7.) Buy things that I wanted all ALONG!!

More to update when I am free!

have fun ppl!

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Saturday, November 06, 2010

2 games down this week,team have been going strong:) we need to be stronger and fight for what we have aimed as a team! really glad to see the team keep pushing for one another. it:) keep going team NYP!!!

counting down to my birthday:) and that the sign of ageing! hahas! shall update soon!

ppl keep praying for me and my team :D

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

gotten my bike! and i love my ride ;)

dear god, pls bless me while i am on the road. AMEN ;)

getting buusy wit EMRS. having upcoming event. PPl come support me!

:) you

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Back from Korea a week ago... have lots of fun with this bunch of poly mates:) hope they did enjoyed themselves..Everything was great except the talks we need to attend! bored ttm:X but somehow we manage to scrape through.

11sept, meet at changi airport at 8.30pm to check in our luggage, before that i went out with family to have dinner:) went to meet up with rayne and yukie at starbucks. thanks for sending me off dude... meet up with the rest at the gate and board the plane. 6hrs to past in the plane was really long man. didn't manage to sleep for long hours.. arrived in Seoul airport at 6plus in the morning(Korea Time).

12sept, too tired to even walked about after we touch down, have our breakfast and a long bus ride into the city of Seoul, went for sightseeing at National Folk Museum and Geokbunggeok Palace.. Didnt pay much attention to the tour guide, dun like her anyway. Went for lunch then headaed to nandaemum for shopping!. suppose to be Lotte World but we were too exhausted so postponed it to the next day. Headed to the Hotel and Checked In. and then! rest..... hunt for food but to no avail. we order some food when we have no idea wat it was. LOL! have our dinner and head back to rest.

13sept, wake up at 5am in the morning to prepare for visits to company. DEADBEAT! meet at 6.45am in the lobby and off to have breakfast.! after visitation that end at 3plus, we headed to LOTTE WORLD:) we spent 5hrs there having so much funs.. especially the bungee jump and gyro drop. thanks to the yingwen suggestion to take bugee jump, already 1/4 of my guts, moving to gyro drop was another activity that took 1/4 of my guts.. went to look for others games to play but most activity are under maintenance.. viking was another wonderful ride i sat... exctiing with all the hand rising and screaming.WOW!! :) thumbs up! we bullied some lil boys over at the bumper car! but their expression was funny! have fun in that too :) soon its times to move off.. meet at 10pm and headed back to the hotel.. REST FOR THE NITE:)

14sept, have a surprise for belle at 12am, she feeling weird cos suddenly called and only look for me:) hahas! hope tat surprised her luh! after the mini celebration, everybody headed to bed and awake for a new visitation. earlier wake up time, 6.30am meet if i am not wrong. headed to chungnam uni and the ride alone is 3 hours.. wowed rite! slept thru the whole journey, wake up for toilet break but at a point of time, the bunch of mates didnt even have the energy for toilet. haha! reached the school, have a tour and off we go! down to myeongdong for some shopping:) 5hrs to spent over at the area. Bought a cake for beloved BELLE!.. headed back to hotel and we went to have sushi for dinner!:) jokes happened in the shop:)WAYNE, ur xin lah mian! lol... surprised belle with the cake! hope it a total surprise that u have been looking forward too!. walked back to the hotel around 11pm and started to pack our luggage! last nite in the hotel and last day of the immersion trip..

15sept, meet in the lobby with our luggage an having the last visit for the immemsion trip.. ended up at sinchon for our lunch before we parted with the rest and continue our journey in South Korea!:) Ms Tan accompanied us and we waited for a private bus to ferry us to anguk where our hostel is. Checked in to the hostel and send Ms Tan to the metrosubway. met a nice speaking chinese lady and she intro this panel that can show the location we wanted to go. we headed back to the our hostel for a rest and headed out for dinner at the nearby dining place. we have mac for dinner, its slightly different from Singapore and worst thing is tat there is not chilli sauce -.-.. walked around the area for a while and back to hostel to end the tiring day..

16sept, meet up early in the morning cos we are heading to everland. its located outside seoul and it took us quite sometime to figure our way out to take e transport. total journey took us 3hrs to reach everland. Started our journey feeling excited for the T-EXPRESS:) i swear it was awesome!! we took a roller coaster before we headed down to t-express area! we played quite a no of games, and the animal bus ride. and finally we took out our courage and off to T-EXPRESS.. everybody took the ride and it end off fun i guess.. haha! went to their zootopia, fed the sheep.. CUTE! walked around their park.. headed off to play the wet games and finally a final ride in T-Express. it was just nice halloween theme for the park so there are "wandering person" that went around scaring ppl! lol! i dun deny i am SCARED! lol.. after that we ended our theme park day.. headed to take a bus to the nearest metro and off we go! back to hostel area to get our dinner and back to hostel:) AWESOME DAY out at the park!

17sept, meet up later cos all of ús are exhausted with the full packed date! we headed to COEX mall:) spent the whole noon there and we headed to gangnam! alamak! bring them to the wrong place, however we manage to find a place for bbq chicken and pork! the lady boss was nice, afraid that we might get lost. hahas! headed to the metro and make our way back to the hostel!:)

18sept,meet the rest at 11am and headed to their weekend flea market at hongik uni! had our lunch at a pasta shop:) nice.. after tat we went to the flea market and start to shop! spend the whole day walking, we walked 2 metro station to sincheon!:) aint we a pro? haha! spent a fwe hrs shopping at the area! we ended up in the wring korail and end up finding a huge lotte mart! got some food and we headed back to hostel. reached quite late so we have cup noodle in the living room!..

19sept, we decided to not shop for a day. It was drizzling when we walked out of the hostel, but the rain get bigger and it forced us to buy an unmbrella.. make our way to isadong but there wasnt much food and to avoid the trouble of a gang walking under the rain, yingwen went to look for restaurant where by we can have our lunch.. BEEF STEW for lunch and it was real nice and cheap! hahas! after lunch, it was only drizzling, and there was strong wind. because we are wet from the previous rain, we are all shaking in coldness la! we decide to walk our way cheongystream.. walked thru the stream, amazed how they can actually build a nice stream when the width is bigger than our singapore drain.. thumbs up! after tat we decide to roam around cos its stil early, so we make our way down to dongdaemum to shop... only 2hr plus of shopping buttttt tat does harm also!back to hostel... :D

20sept, last 2nd day in SEOUL! gonna shop like some crazy ppl! we headed to myeongdong in the noon. settled down for lunch at some fried chicken place! then started our shopping...5hrs plus of shopping nearly killed us! after tat we headed to seoul tower! making our way up the steep slope! and up the flight of stairs.. haha! feel like having training la.. lol! bought our ticket and off to the top of the tower! stayed up there for sometime to see the scenary.. once a life thing only. wont visit the second time la.. hahas! after tat make our way back to the town area.. bought mac back to the hostel cos its kinda of late when we reached our area.

21sept, we planned to go nandaemum for shopping but!!! it was raining real heavily, as it is open air shopping area. we headed to shingsagae for lunch! its was like taka basement. after lunch, wanted to shop but it happened to be their thanksgiving day so most of the shop are closed. we decide to leave the place and headed to lotte mart! we spend hours in the mart finding things to buy back to singapore! no plastic bag so! we need to carton our things.. headed to slack at their lotteria! then headed back to hostel to put our things. rest awwhile and rushed out to get the dragonbeard! it was raining the whole day! and i mean heavy rain!.. we headed to have our last meal in SEOUL! we had BEEF STEW AGAIN! and we manage to buy kimchi from the boss! nice but ex:) headed back to hostel to packed our bags! weigh our bag! hahas!

22sept, wake up at 8am to packed all our clothes and off to the living room to wait for the car to pick us up:) to avoid jam and all we headed to airport early! have our lunch at CRAZE BURGER:) worst thing is we take a long time to search for the tax refund counter! miscommunication that cause us to walk round and round to fund! just in time to board the plane! up in the air and back to singapore! lots of tuberlance! just like texpress:D hahas! we landed safety!!!

hope everyone got back something to learn from this trip:) we explored KOREA on our own, hunting for food and all:) having to get out of our comfort zone was the impt things that most must learn ba? hahas! thanks to the 9 wonderful warriors of BB :D


thanks for the memories:D I MISS KOREA!!

planning for the next trip now!

imu! dun hurt me alright :) thanks for everything too! especially yesterday!!

result is out! congrats for the gd news babe!:) time for new battle soon!


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